Client Name: Turner Construction Company

The project consisted of approximately 300,000 sq. ft. of court/office space and underground parking. The building is 15 floors high and occupies almost an entire city block in downtown Minneapolis. The initial project price for the project’s lump-sum design/build contract between GSA and a Developer Team, including Turner Construction Co., was approximately $91 million. Of this amount, approximately $78.4 million was Turner’s construction subcontract.

During the course of the project, numerous problems arose including site soil contamination, permit delays, scope/program changes, subcontractor failure and interagency communication lapses.

MDCSystems® was retained by Turner Construction to develop both the project’s baseline and recovery schedules, routine schedule updates, change order schedule impact analysis and ultimately to prepare the technical presentation accompanying the developer’s Request for Contract Adjustment. MDC® participated in settlement negotiation sessions with GSA and assisted in crafting the final settlement terms between GSA and the Developer.

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