Project management can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming in its complexity, but there are systems in place to make it easier to navigate and simpler to estimate. Since deadlines are so important, and duration directly impacts budget, it’s important to have an accurate and reliable way to map out your timeline. Therein lies the importance of the critical path method in project management. To learn more, continue reading below.

Time Management and Resources

One of the most essential aspects of project management is timeliness. All tasks take time, but some are more time consuming and labor intensive than others. Mapping out a precise day-to-day plan of what jobs to prioritize needs something more dependable than a mere judgment call. The critical path method is a good tool to use. It gives you an assessment of actual time versus planned time, so you can see where you currently are in your progress. This allows you to identify which items are taking longer than expected, which are ahead and schedule, and which jobs are right on track. This can enable you to transfer personnel if needed, and it allows you to produce a much more detailed calendar of events. Naturally, this will benefit you in terms of resource management, but it also provides warning signs if you’re going to be running behind on your expected milestones and dates of completion.

Comparisons and Parallel Activities

Certain tasks much be completed before others can begin. An easy way to cause bottlenecks in project management is to have one person unable to start a particular job because they’re waiting on a required item to be completed. No one wants to hurry up and wait, and in addition to the frustration and damage to morale, this can also create a chain of events that can put your project behind schedule. The critical path method is invaluable when it comes to mapping out parallel tasks or jobs in sequence.

Additionally, it allows you to compare expectations versus reality. By having a thorough assessment and analysis of planned versus real time, you can put those numbers to work for as you’re planning your next project. With critical path method scheduling techniques, you can make much better estimates. Such valuable information should never be allowed to go to waste.

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