Client Name: RPS Consulting Engineers/Dublin City Council

The Dublin Bay Submarine Pipeline project is part of a massive $300 million effort to improve water quality in Dublin Bay. The entire project consists of the Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Works, a new pumping station, and a 10.5km pipeline under Dublin Bay to bring the wastewater to Ringsend for treatment.

During the construction and installation of the submarine pipeline, issues arose which resulted in a 300 day extension of the completion date. As a result, the Contractor submitted a claim for compensation for costs associated with the extension and filed a demand for arbitration.

On behalf of the Engineering Design firm and the Owner’s Representative, MDC® quantified and determined responsibility for the delay. MDC® reviewed and analyzed project schedules, provided program analysis using the Time Impact Analysis (TIA®) method, and determined entitlement of the owner/owner’s representative to specified damages. MDC® also served in the capacity of Expert Witness at arbitration.

In findings favorable to our client, MDC® determined that the overwhelming program and controlling delays were due to the contractor and its lack of progress with the preparatory work, failure to properly install the pipe, and lacking repair efforts subsequent to the pipe buckle event.

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