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Michelle Nenna Delehanty, PE, PMP

Consulting Engineer

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General Experience

Ms. Delehanty has over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, having worked on all sides of a project including construction manager, contractor, consultant, operations, and owners’ representative. She has experience across multiple industries such as healthcare, utility plants, manufacturing, government, museums, and residential.

Her skills include project management, cost evaluation, scope monitoring, contract administration, change order review, schedule investigation, earned value reporting,estimating, and commissioning. She has experience with MS Project, Suretrack, and Primavera (P3, P6) including the use of the Claim Digger program. These skills, along with a technical engineering background, enable her to add a unique insight into the discovery and analysis of an engineering and construction project.

Expert Testimony

Contractor vs. Insurance Company– Middlesex County, NJ –
Served as an expert on behalf of the insurance company for a mediation regarding flood damages to equipment and installed project materials.  Evaluated invoices and delivery tickets to assign values to claimed damages.  Provided an expert cost analysis defending the owner from overstated equipment values and excessive damaged item claims.  The client was satisfied with the settlement of this case.

Homeowner vs. Residential Building Contractor – Chester County, PA –
Testified before the American Arbitration Association on behalf of the builder against the homeowners’ allegations of defective construction.  Provided an analysis of moisture intrusion in the basement by evaluating the foundation, storm runoff, and potential nearby wetlands/floodplains.  Established code compliance by the contractor and provided a non-invasive solution to the issue.

Subcontractor vs. Contractor vs School District – Berks County, PA –
Served as an expert on behalf of the School District for a mediation.  Evaluated drawings and made calculations based on site reports to quantify the amount of excavated rock.  Provided an expert analysis defending the owner from overstated volumes and excessive change orders.  The client was satisfied with the settlement of this case.

Homeowner vs. Residential Building Contractor – Chester County, PA –
Testified on behalf of the builder against the homeowners’ allegations of defective construction of a stucco home.  Established that the cause of the moisture intrusion was a combination of factors unrelated to the original design or the construction of the residence.

Performed site investigations, moisture probes, code evaluations, interviewed key individuals, and reviewed computer modeled moisture transfer analyses.  Provided an expert report as well as trial testimony and assisted with questioning of the opposing expert.  The court ruled in favor of our client.

Pipe Fabrication Co vs. Pipeline Company – Harris County, TX –
Testified on behalf of a pipeline company that the manufacturing company’s invoicing was not in line with the documented actual hours worked and was not in compliance with the contract.  Performed a cost evaluation, reviewed project data and compared it with the terms of the contract.  The client was satisfied with the outcome of the case.

Consulting Experience

Government Lab Claim, Maryland
Reviewed and analyzed contracts, drawings and specifications, as-built data, and BIM models to determine the responsibility of the general contractor and subcontractor for above-ceiling coordination. Contributed analysis to the expert report which was used by our client to negotiate a favorable resolution.

Warehouse Facility Claim, Pennsylvania
Performed an in-depth critical path analysis on behalf of the owner based on CPM schedules, daily reports, and RFIs to determine concurrent delays by the contractor. Completed a technical analysis of the specifications, drawings, and installation method of the vapor barrier to determine cause of delays.Developed an expert report that resulted in a favorable outcome for our client.

Delay Analysis and Recovery Schedules, Multiple School Projects, Philadelphia Area
Worked under the General Contractor in a multi-prime environment to analyze and correct baseline schedules, perform delay analysis and create recovery schedules. Performed monthly schedule updates and submitted narratives on behalf of the contractor to the owner. Both our client and the owner were satisfied with the assistance provided.

Highway Widening Claim, Indiana
Reviewed and analyzed the design engineer’s conformance to the Standard of Care for design-build. Contributed to the expert report after analyzing the project bid history, including drawings, specifications, and quantities. Specifically focused on stormwater standards, waste storage, and earthwork quantities for cut and fill.Our client utilized the analysis to negotiate a favorable resolution.

Refinery Rebuild Claim, Washington
Reviewed and analyzed CPM schedules, manpower data, and construction efficiency related to the rebuild of a refinery.
The as-built schedule data was used in determining the actual critical path of the project. Our client utilized the analysis to negotiate a favorable resolution to the schedule claim.

Federal Building Claim, US
Reviewed and analyzed contract documents, bulletins,
and coordination drawings to determine the impact of MEP design changes on the project schedule and cost. Scrutinized key building sections and the adjustments made for constructability. The analysis led to a favorable resolution for our client’s claims.

Stucco House Evaluations, Multiple, Philadelphia Area
Performed site investigations and moisture inspections, to determine the areas of moisture intrusion in various stucco homes. Reviewed and analyzed construction documents, results of computer modeled moisture evaluations, and governing codes at the time of construction to determine the cause of the moisture intrusions. Worked on both the sides of homeowners and contractors.

Chimney Collapse Claim, Philadelphia
Reviewed and analyzed contract documents, inspection reports, and depositions to determine the party responsible for a chimney collapse which caused damage to a neighboring property. The client utilized the analysis to negotiate a favorable resolution to the claim.

Scrubber Project, Illinois
Provided project management oversight for a $1 Billion scrubber construction project at a coal-fired power plant in Illinois. Provided advisory services in all areas of project management including schedule, cost control, project documentation, change management, scope management, and contracting. Provided on-site supervision and risk assessments of prime contractors as an assistant to the owner’s representative.

Commercial Renovation Projects, Washington
Performed a cost evaluation on a series of store upgrade projects in Washington State for a Midwest-based grocery chain. Reviewed costs requested in change orders in comparison to those allowable per the terms of the lump sum contract and advised the owner on accepting or rejecting the requests.

Scrubber Project, North Carolina
Assisted in the development of a cost tracking tool to aid in the budget management of a $1.8 Billion scrubber construction project at a power plant in North Carolina. The tool was used to assign various project costs to the proper cost code against a budget with thousands of line items.

Hot Metal Plant Project, Iceland
Reviewed the project management plan for the construction of a Geothermal Powered Aluminum manufacturing plant in Iceland. Provided a high level risk evaluation on the contracting, budget, and schedule and advised on improvements to be made to the project management methodology prior to engineering and construction.

Construction Management Experience

HVAC Life Cycle System Replacement, Pennsylvania
Provided project management as an owner’s representative for an HVAC system replacement for a premier mutual fund company. The $15 Million project encompassed three buildings, totaling 450,000 square feet. Oversaw the project team responsible for all aspects of project management including estimating, design development, contractor acquisition, client review, and scope, schedule, and budget management. Projects were completed in functioning office space during off hours as to not interrupt the day to day operations of the customer. Provided coordination of project shareholders including client management, operations, project team, contractors, and customer employees working in the affected areas

Museum Renovations, Philadelphia
Assisted in the management of all subcontractors on the $53 Million renovation of a historically registered building into a museum space. Issued subcontracts, processed invoices, created schedules, reviewed shop drawings, generated RFIs, documented meetings, reviewed change orders, and assisted the on-site superintendent with their daily duties. Gained specific knowledge of historic building preservation and restoration, building envelope and water issues, and underground utility sharing between buildings.

Critical Care Center & Hospital Renovations, New Jersey
Assisted in the management of the construction of a 99,100 square foot critical care facility which included operating rooms, an emergency department, ICU, and a nursing school. Connections and renovations to the existing hospital were performed as well. Managed subcontractors, processed subcontractor billings, documented meetings, processed RFIs, and assisted the superintendent with daily site duties. Acquired insight into ICRA construction as well as steel erection sequencing and connections.

Government Manufacturing Facility, Philadelphia
Assisted in the management of subcontractors for a $4.4 Million renovation to a government facility. The 7,500 square foot renovation area housed industrial equipment used for manufacturing processes.

  • Drexel University, BS, Civil Engineering, 2003
  • Drexel University, BS, Architectural Engineering, 2003
  • Professional Engineer: DE (15508)
  • Project Management Professional: 486932
Professional Affiliations
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Member
  • Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI), Member
  • Tau Beta Pi - Engineering Honor Society, Member
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