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Larry M. Poli, P.E.

Consulting Engineer

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General Experience

Mr. Poli has more than 30 years of experience in construction claims analysis, mechanical systems engineering, consulting engineering, project/construction management and contract administration for a variety of clients including governmental agencies, owners and general contractors.  Claims analysis assignments have included evaluating delays, labor inefficiencies and design adequacy by reviewing and analyzing construction records such as daily reports, correspondence, submittals, shop drawings, project schedules, change orders, and RFIs.

Projects have involved issues of delay, cost overrun, disruption and lost productivity concerning the construction/renovation of power complexes, pharmaceutical facilities, oil refineries, apartment buildings, hospitals, hotels and casinos, and governmental projects including office buildings, prisons, airports, and rail stations. 

Mr. Poli is responsible for schedule development using CPM; schedule analysis, issue development and analysis, site visits and review of key project documentation.  He has analyzed design studies and options, supervised construction and engineering efforts and designed mechanical systems.  Mr. Poli developed his expertise through education and the practice of mechanical engineering.  Mr. Poli is also responsible for maintaining and upgrading MDCSystems®, telecommunications and computer network, including all employee workstations.

Industrial Projects

Ethylene Plant, Port Arthur, TX   Plant was rebuilt following a fire and explosion incident. The Insurers asserted that the engineering was late and defective and the Construction Management Team allowed the facility to remain out of service due to defective scheduling and expediting of the work.  Project schedules were analyzed and an expert report was issued including a full detailed critical path method schedule analysis justifying the work activity durations and the procurement timeframes for pipe spool fabrication, delivery and erection.

Design and Manufacture of Gas-Turbine Control Valve, CO  Analyzed specifications and scope expansion issues related to the design and manufacture of a series of new state-of-the-art control valves for large gas turbines. The turbine manufacture breached its contract, a commitment to procure the control valves, with the control valve supplier by mandating increasingly stringent service requirements during the design period.

Chemical Processing Facility, LA   Analyzed efficiency and reliability issues for a gas compressor train. Owner claimed that the compressor vendor did not properly consider flow-induced vibrations in its equipment design.  The engineered solution resulted in the compressor not meeting contractual performance guarantees due to decreased reliability and efficiency. 

Manufacturing Plant, NJ  Reviewed operation and service manuals, plant safety and maintenance procedures, depositions and national standards in a workplace injury claim against a hydraulic press manufacturer. 

Power Plant, NJ  Performed a site visit and reviewed depositions, drawings, and photographs in a workplace injury claim against a major utility.

Oil Refinery, Saudi Arabia  Analyzed change orders, manpower and schedules relative to disruption of engineering, procurement, and construction activities on a refinery upgrade project.  Prepared presentation materials for arbitration.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Facility, NJ  Assisted in analysis of HVAC equipment selection issues. Prepared report for client to recover costs of HVAC system modifications.  As a result of MDC®'s report, the defendant agreed to settlement discussions.  

Power Plant, Milford, CT  Project involved a two-year delay to the substantial completion of a new 500Mw gas-fired combined cycle power plant. Analyzed schedules to determine delay impact to HRSG collapse during construction.

Steam Turbine Exhaust Line Collapse, PA   Evaluated the engineering design of a collapsed 54" steam turbine exhaust line at a steam turbine test facility.

Bulk Pharmaceutical Plant, Singapore  Reviewed relevant contract documents to identify and quantify errors and omissions resulting from the actions omissions resulting from the actions of the Architect/Engineer during design and construction.

Estuary Enhancement, Public Service Electric & Gas, Salem, NJ  Analyzed the delay and productivity of a contractor's dredging operation on a complex wetland restoration project.

Utility Contractor Training and Certification Review, NJ  Performed a review of PSE&G's contractor training and equipment certification programs relative to the installation and testing of plastic gas distribution lines. 

Public Facilities

Multiplex Cinema, Philadelphia, PA
Provided mechanical consulting services to the general contractor for the commissioning of the HVAC system at a university’s multiplex cinema. Reviewed submittals and balancing reports for compliance with specifications. Made recommendations which mitigated client’s time and cost to correct deficiencies.

Elevated Rail Station Renovation, Chicago, IL
Reviewed structural shop drawings for the extent of field verification required. Reviewed contract drawings for additions and changes between the Issued for Bid and the Issued for Construction drawings.

Philadelphia International Airport, PA
Managed complex change orders, field directives, and contractor change order proposals as project engineer during the construction of PHL's Terminal A. Negotiated cost proposals and served as a field inspector for work installed under approved change orders.

Garage Restoration, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
Performed schedule analysis and evaluation of delay claims related to the demolition and refurbishment of a multi-level underground parking garage.

BASF Corporate Headquarters, Mt. Olive, NJ
Performed site visit and reviewed contract documents and expert reports to determine the Mechanical Contractor’s liability for water leaks into the building at the louvers and skylights.

Showboat Casino & Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ
Prepared document and issue files for drywall/carpentry subcontractor.

Curtis Center, Philadelphia, PA
Prepared architectural, mechanical and electrical As-Built schedule. Analyzed all relevant issues.

Spectrum II, Philadelphia, PA
Evaluated labor inefficiency claims.

Frankfort Elevated Bridge Rehabilitation, Philadelphia, PA
Evaluated delay and labor inefficiency claims.

Residential Projects

Residential Dwelling, City of Wilkes-Barre, PA
Reviewed relevant codes and standards to determine the merit of the City’s justification for closing a multi-family dwelling unit as a result of the installation and use of gas-fired ventless heaters in the individual units. MDC® issued an expert report that was cited by the court in its rejection of the plaintiff’s claim against the city.

Housing Authority, Camden, NJ
Reviewed codes, specifications and performed a site visit in order to document extent of deficiencies in new roofing system, boiler rooms and mechanical systems. Assisted client in reaching negotiated settlement with contractor.

180-unit Apartment Building, Atlantic City, NJ
Developed As-Built schedules. Analyzed issues and prepared report relative to HVAC and fire safety issues.

Metropolitan Plaza, Atlantic City, NJ
Prepared As-Built schedule.

Institutional Projects

University Student Housing, NJ
Reviewed schedule delay issues and developed delay impact analysis.

Senior Assisted Living Complex, PA
Reviewed masonry, steel and pre-cast issues for delay impacts. Developed presentation materials for arbitration.

Community College, Garden City, NY
Project involved the termination for default of the general contractor resulting in a $20M suit against the surety company. Performed schedule analysis to convert original DOS version, ADM schedules to PDM format.

Maximum Security Prison, New Boston, TX
Coordinated and inspected the installation and testing of all site utilities and building mechanical systems during the construction of a new 2250 bed maximum security prison.

Correctional Institution, TX
Analyzed claims for a federal correctional institution in Fort Worth. Evaluated and analyzed construction and scheduling issues.

Fair Oaks Hospital, Fairfax County, VA
Developed As-Built schedule and analyzed relevant construction issues

Mt. Hope Nursing Home, Mountain Home, TN
Prepared As-Built schedule and performed schedule analysis.

St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Washington, DC
Prepared and analyzed issues regarding complex asbestos removal.

  • Boston University, B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1980
  • Course work in HVAC System Design and Retrofit
  • Professional Engineer:

    MD (45645)

    NJ (24GE04510200)

    NC (034116)

    PA (039243-E)

    SC (26825)

  • National Council of Examiners for Engineering & Surveying (32093)
Professional Affiliations
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers
  • National Fire Protection Association
  • Society of Fire Protection Engineers
  • International Code Council
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