Project ManagementMDC® brings a special perspective to Project Management and Construction Consulting, whether in one area of consulting, or total project/program management oversight serving as the Owner’s Representative.

Our perspective comes from our considerable experience analyzing and resolving construction project disputes for a wide range of projects and in numerous locations. Our experience at analyzing and evaluating ‘problem projects’ gives our team at MDC® a keen insight into the areas where projects go wrong. We use that insight and experience in recognizing the telltale signs of trouble and steer projects clear of problems long before they loom on the immediate horizon.

Employing the tools described in our Front End Planning, such as cash flow modeling, risk assessment and analyses and project benchmarking, along with contract and scope reviews and master schedule development, MDC® leverages our collective experience on multiple projects throughout the world in a predictive manner to optimize your program or project’s execution. MDC® proudly serves the Industry with more than 45 years of working knowledge in the construction dispute resolution realm. Four decades of experience enables us to identify almost every conceivable way in which a project can go astray – from accidents to absentee workers to absence of cash. This wealth of experience in analyzing the outcome of projects helps us to optimize the inputs to achieve the desired result.

MDC® protects clients’ interests throughout the engineering and construction process. We effectively manage projects from conception through close-out by implementing construction project management controls designed to identify the critical project elements, evaluate the execution options, optimize the project delivery and monitor the on-going project delivery. Each service listed below can be provided on a specific program or project collectively or individually.

Fundamental Project Control Systems are:

  • Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling, Monitoring & Management
  • Scope Definition & Change Management
  • Cost Estimating

Additional Services include:

  • Design (Peer) Review & Bid Packaging
  • Value Engineering/Life Cycle Costing
  • Contract Review and Administration
  • Contract Compliance and Auditing
  • Constructability Review
  • Commissioning, Testing & Maintenance
  • Move-In & Start-Up
  • Shutdown/Turnaround
  • Project Close-Out
  • Claims Avoidance/Analysis
  • Inspection/Quality Assurance

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