Time Impact Analysis®

CPM Scheduling

Our CPM schedule consultants will help your project increase in efficiency through analysis of certain metrics that merit room for improvement. This means that any time-related dispute can be resolved easily, and with a better understanding of all pertinent data. Upon inspecting the construction timeline, our CPM schedule experts will provide insight on how the scheduling panned out as opposed to its planned scheduling. This allows for further comprehension of areas that need improvement. The strategies put in place by our CPM schedule consultants will ensure all aspects of your project, and any associated claims, can be streamlined so the timeline for completion is up to par with similar projects.

TIA® is a court-accepted schedule analysis technique created by MDCSystems®. Coupled with the application of legal principles, TIA® provides a means for equitably apportioning time-related construction disputes. This analysis technique can be characterized as a comparative analysis utilizing three basic scheduling documents.

  1. The As-Planned Schedule is utilized as a benchmark for measuring performance on a project.
  2. The As-Built Schedule depicts the actual sequence of events occurring over the life of a project.
  3. The Adjusted Schedules (Time Impacts) are a series of intermediate schedules adjusted to reflect actual progress at various times during the project. Analysis of these schedules allows assignment of causation and quantification of delay.

Time Impact Analysis

Capital Project Management System®

MDCSystems® utilizes CPMS® – a proprietary collection of customized software – to collect, analyze and visually display fact-intensive construction data. This state-of-the-art system quickly reduces large amounts of disparate cost and scheduling data into a more user-friendly and visual form that facilitates analysis and understanding. Computer animation, 3-D graphics, modeling, Time in Action® schedule analysis, and what-if scenarios (all features of CPMS®), allow for rapid review and comprehension of technical project information by fact-finders.

Our Capital Project Management System® will optimize your project performance by properly identifying and prioritizing the key issues, developing the scope, delivering realistic schedules and cost models. Properly aligning the organization’s business objectives with the project team’s execution strategy, allows a client to initialize a project with all the team members starting on the same basis. Application of appropriate metrics and criteria will enhance and strengthen your plan for submission to management. This can include benchmarking your projects against other similar facilities.

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