Construction Claims

When it comes to design build claims, MDC systems helps clients develop clear resolutions in projects that have come under dispute. We understand the inner tenets of Standard of Care in Construction, and through that knowledge, we can gather evidence and testimony to reinforce your case. We will compile reports, questions, and answers to interrogatories, all while adhering to the principles of Standard of Care in Engineering. Our licensed professionals have years of experience in matters of Standard of Care in Architecture since our consultants range from mechanical and civil engineers to licensed architects. You can trust that we have the experience and credentials necessary to provide services that will allow your team to focus on other key tasks. Our consultations will determine the strongest areas of your project and those that need room for improvement. It’s important to find out where the project has faltered and whether there was negligent behavior during construction. Gathering all this data will further help any design build claims that have come under litigation. The systems we have in place strive for efficiency, so the evidence we develop will be recollected faster. This means your dispute can be resolved in a more timely and cost-effective manner.

MDC® has a 50 year history of analyzing, evaluating and resolving construction claims and disputes. Our seasoned professionals bring their experience from the world of design and construction along with expertise in analyzing disputes. From our early beginnings in scheduling and schedule analysis to our in-depth technical expertise, MDC®‘s professionals deliver the experience, expertise and knowledge to effectively and efficiently analyze and evaluate construction claims, based on schedule, performance, cost or standard of care issues.

MDC® can provide in depth damage analysis and valuation associated with construction claims including labor productivity and inefficiency, extended duration, acceleration, home office and overhead and re-work costs. MDC® can also assist in diminution of value, business opportunity, loss and liquidated damages analyses.

Evidence Management

Successful negotiations and dispute resolution are dependent on assembling facts to support and defend allegations. The proof or evidence required to win in construction disputes will be culled from the enormous collection of project documents and data.

MDC® develops, implements, and maintains evidence management systems for clients that combine project documents, deposition testimony, questions and answers to interrogatories, reports and other compilations of fact into a logical arrangement. Even in a meritorious case, winning is contingent upon the litigation team knowing the evidence well enough to use it advantageously.

MDC®’s evidence management systems can be manual or computerized depending on the volume of pertinent information and the financial value of the claim. MDC® utilizes high-tech digital imaging and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) retrieval technologies for the largest disputes.

Our evidence management system promotes efficiency, allowing clients more time (and money) to focus on key issues and analysis.

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