MDCSystems is proud to be your top choice for construction arbitration. In the construction world, disputes frequently occur regarding the building process, codes, or contract terms. These disputes can not only slow down a project, but can also completely stop it, and can have terminal implications for the future of one or both of the parties involved. That is why we endeavor to provide effective construction dispute resolution. We can help resolve your construction disputes in a number of ways.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternate Dispute ResolutionAlternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to informal resolution processes, such as mediation and arbitration, wherein parties involved meet with a professional third party who helps them resolve their dispute in a less formal manner than done in the courts.

MDC® provides professional arbitration and mediation services to clients with the understanding that disputes are best resolved early in the life of the project. Our clients achieve successful results that keep projects moving forward and reduce legal fees.

If your project has reached an unexpected point of disputation, give us a call and we will work to resolve the issue with construction mediation to avoid further delays.

Construction Claims Expertise

In the event that preventative measures and ADR techniques are unsuccessful, MDC®‘s professional staff is fully qualified and prepared to support you in preparation for and participation in litigation including trial testimony.

We are experts in the following claims processes:

  • Litigation
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Negotiations
  • Expert testimony

For all construction disputes that do proceed to a courtroom trial, we can support you there as well. We provide expert witnesses to testify to the claims. Our team will analyze the standard of care as well as management of evidence and analysis of time impact, scheduling, and costs. Contact us now if you need expert assistance with a construction claim or dispute.

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