Client Name: Bristol Myers Squibb

MDC® conducted a structural assessment of three, two-story, precast concrete parking garages at the Bristol Myers Squibb facility in Plainsboro, NJ. The three garage structures had experienced rapid, aggressive, premature deterioration of the garage deck, surface coating, joints and some structural elements. MDC® was retained to investigate and ascertain the cause(s) of the rapid deterioration, develop a remedial plan to restore the decks to useful service, preserve and extend the useful life of the garages and to reduce their on-going maintenance costs.

Upon completion of the analysis and the selection of a preferred methodology, MDC®’s assignment was expanded to include the development of a repair work execution plan. MDC® prepared bid documents and a solicitation package to issue to qualified contractors to execute the work. MDC® then provided management services for the execution of the construction including the development of a training program for BMS personnel and service contractors on proper maintenance techniques.

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