Client Name: Schering Plough Pharmaceutical Company

MDC® was retained by Schering Plough, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer, to evaluate the performance of the Architect/Engineer during design and construction of a multipurpose bulk pharmaceutical plant. MDC® identified errors and omissions of the Architect/Engineer and analyzed the effect of delayed and incomplete design on construction costs and completion of the plant for a major international arbitration. Technical issues involved design and fabrication of major ductwork and piping systems.

MDC® compared as-built conditions at the plant to the design using state-of-the-art 3D CADD modeling system to determine interferences between ductwork, piping, equipment, supports and the building structure. The analysis produced will include both technical analysis and schedule analysis using MDC®‘s Time Impact Analysis (TIA®) technique to illustrate the impact of the technical issues on the construction schedule.

MDC® produced an expert report and testified at the arbitration proceeding.

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