Swann in the Hall of the Grand Jamia Mosque
Swann in the Hall of the Grand Jamia Mosque

Mitchell Swann, P.E., a partner at MDCSystems® completed a series of speaking engagements in several cities in Pakistan, December 5-11, 2015.  Mitchell was invited as part of ASHRAE’s “Distinguished Lecturer” program to speak in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, Pakistan in a series of lectures to both ASHRAE professional chapters in each city and to student chapters and Engineering classes at the University of Engineering & Technology, the Islamic International University and NED University of Engineering & Technology in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi respectively.

Mitchell provided two lectures to each of the professional chapters and a more interactive session at each of the universities. The professional programs were “Design Build – Executing the Project” (with a tilt towards ‘green buildings’) and “Connecting Green Building Outcomes to Enterprise Sustainability Programs.”  The university program was entitled “The Sustainability Imperative and Engineering Ethics,” which is a timely topic for Pakistan as it faces the challenge of balancing social and economic growth and energy production challenges.

This was Mitchell’s second visit to Karachi having been invited as a DL presenter before in 2013.  Mitchell has been on ASHRAE’s Distinguished Lecturer roster since 2006 and has presented in Pittsburgh, PA, Harrisburg, PA, Baltimore, MD, Birmingham, AL, and Chicago, IL, in 2015 as well as numerous locations, both nationally and internationally in previous years.

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