Client Name: NEPCO

MDC® provided expert analysis and support to a design-build contractor in a dispute with a major equipment vendor. The dispute centered around the vendor’s late delivery of improperly fabricated Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) components. MDC® evaluated the impacts arising from the vendor’s performance including delays to the project schedule, productivity loss to the installation subcontractor, and monetary damages to the design-build contractor.

MDC®’s evaluation required an analysis of the project’s physical site constraints that dictated “cold-to-hot” installation and the impact of “hot-to-cold” component delivery. MDC® also analyzed the vendor’s QA/QC requirements and process as well as the impact of the revised installation procedures resulting from the manufacturing defects and delivery sequence. MDC®evaluated the design-build contractor’s total damages based upon project cost records.

MDC® visited the site and undertook a detailed investigation of the history of the project, performed schedule and resource analysis of the key issues, and prepared a detailed report that MDC® presented to the client to prepare them for a negotiation with the vendor.

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