NJ Turnpike Authority – Driscoll Bridge

MDC® was selected by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, represented by their law firm, to review and analyze an errors and omissions claim against the project designers. The project, located on the Garden State Parkway, was a renovation of the existing Driscoll Bridge and the construction of a new parallel bridge over the Raritan River and was initiated by the New Jersey Highway Authority which later merged with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. In addition to the bridge work, additional highway approach lanes were constructed. 

San Felipe Springs Water Treatment Plant, TX

The City of Del Rio, Texas had been concerned with the continuing operation of the San Felipe Springs Water Treatment Plant that was constructed in 2000. The facility had experienced piping failures on a number of occasions in the PVC piping associated with the filtration system. In addition, excessive pipe movement and the build-up of sedimentation in the piping was also a concern to the City.

U.S. Federal Office Building and Courthouse

Client Name: Turner Construction Company

The project consisted of approximately 300,000 sq. ft. of court/office space and underground parking. The building is 15 floors high and occupies almost an entire city block in downtown Minneapolis. The initial project price for the project’s lump-sum design/build contract between GSA and a Developer Team, including Turner Construction Co., was approximately $91 million. Of this amount, approximately $78.4 million was Turner’s construction subcontract.