Turnpike Project (The Big Dig)

Client Name: Honeywell

MDC® was asked to investigate and provide a project analysis of a $104 million fixed-price contract for the expansion of an existing Integrated Highway Monitoring and Control System managed by a Turnpike Authority. This system is a traffic management and data acquisition application supporting travel through the heart of a major east-coast city.

Highway Interchange Project

Client Name: NJDOT

MDC® was asked to investigate and analyze a contractor’s claim for the construction of an interstate highway interchange and inspection station. Unique geological conditions were alleged by the contractor to be responsible for a doubling in the value of the completed project. MDC® conducted a detailed Forensic Project Management and geotechnical investigation of the site to determine if the alleged conditions impacted the project.

Pakistani Gas Turbine Power Plant

Client Name: NEPCO

MDC® was requested to provide expert analysis to an EPC contractor in a multi-party insurance litigation concerning a project in Pakistan. MDC® performed an expedited review of both technical and scheduling issues and worked with outside counsel in the UK to identify and analyze project delays and identify their relationship to technical and contractual issues, including force majeure events, physical damage to equipment and delay causation.

Oman Combined Cycle Power Plant

Client Name: Stone & Webster Engineering, Inc.

MDC® was asked to investigate and analyze a contract with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) for the detailed engineering and construction of a gas-fired turbine electric generating plant located in Oman at Saih Rawl. The power plant was to supply electrical power to the national grid and to the adjacent gas processing plant. A waste heat recovery unit in the power plant was to provide process heat to an adjacent gas plant being constructed by others.

Singapore Pharmaceutical Project

Client Name: Schering-Plough

Singapore Pharmaceutical Project – MDC® was asked to investigate and analyze the delay and cost overrun experienced on this bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing project in Singapore. MDC® conducted extensive site visits and personnel interviews to determine the major problems experienced in the construction of the facility.

Delaware Manufacturing Plant

Client Name: Durr Automation

MDC® was retained by a Prime Contractor against General Motors on a $200MM(+) expansion project. MDC® assisted the prime contractor in preparing its statement of claim as well as defending itself against claims brought by their subcontractor. MDC®’s analysis work involved verification of labor and equipment costs and attribution of costs to various conditions including the impact of design changes, local plant requested changes and the unforeseen discovery of hazardous materials and its removal which disrupted the planned work flow.

Indiana Manufacturing Plant Project

Client Name: Sun Oil Company

MDC® was retained to review engineering, procurement and construction issues concerning the development of a coke (coal) manufacturing plant in Indiana. Our client’s damages stemmed from the differential movement of the sub-grade beneath the coke oven battery foundations and the failure of the coke ovens’ exhaust gas system to maintain adequate negative process pressures.

Airbag Manufacturing Facility Project

Client Name: Talley Industries

MDC® was retained by an airbag manufacturing company to consult and provide expert witness services for the evaluation of a $40 million claim against our client for defective design and construction of an airbag manufacturing plant. After the plant was sold to a third party, our client constructed additions and modifications to the plant, increasing production capacity dramatically. Part of the plant in which the explosive pellets are manufactured was involved in a catastrophic failure.