Client Name: Talley Industries

MDC® was retained by an airbag manufacturing company to consult and provide expert witness services for the evaluation of a $40 million claim against our client for defective design and construction of an airbag manufacturing plant. After the plant was sold to a third party, our client constructed additions and modifications to the plant, increasing production capacity dramatically. Part of the plant in which the explosive pellets are manufactured was involved in a catastrophic failure.

MDC®’s investigation determined that the cause of the explosion was defective operation of the plant by the new owner. An animated computer modeling of the plant and the subsequent explosion demonstrated forcefully that the cause of the explosion was an aluminum scoop that had been dropped into a mixing machine, causing sparks that resulted in an explosive deflagration, damaging the building. Product improperly stored in the mixing bay contributed to the severity of the explosion. The animation demonstrated that blow-out panels and ventilation ducting functioned as intended. The case settled favorably for our client immediately after release of the animation sequence.

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